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Episode 34 - The Republic of Knives - Texas

October 14, 2023 Aaron Lawvere Season 1 Episode 34
The Good Ol' Blades Podcast
Episode 34 - The Republic of Knives - Texas
Show Notes

In probably my most ambitious attempt at a show, I sat down with not one, but SIX knifemakers, who are also Texans, at the Lost Pines Knife Show, to talk about knives. Though most would expect the punchline of "What do you get when you put six Texans in a room together?" to be "a lot of blah blah how great Texas is", what I got was a very humble, proud and thoughtful group of makers that yes, love our great state, but also endeavor to make it the best state in the union to cultivate knifemaking, and encourage the growth and passion of anyone who wants to get into the craft. I attempt to capture a small part of the amazing spirit and energy that is emerging out of Texas, and to give you, the listener, a greater appreciation for just how many of us are working to corral the energy, into a hyper-focus, for building the community. I talk to Don Sylvest, James Huse, Frank Machado, Jeff Davidson, Eland Green, and Jack Thatcher, all great knifemakers in their own right, but grouped together as members of the Texas Knifemakers' Guild, prove to be an unstoppable force in knifemaking today.

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