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Episode 29 - Herculean Heirloom Folders - Johnny Stout

August 31, 2023 Aaron Lawvere Season 1 Episode 29
The Good Ol' Blades Podcast
Episode 29 - Herculean Heirloom Folders - Johnny Stout
Show Notes

In the landscape of knifemakers, Texas boasts some of the most mystical craftsman within knives today. But, for early makers like Johnny Stout, Texas wasn't always the place to be if you wanted to easily learn how to make them. Given Johnny's rise to the top of the ladder in art and fine folding knives, you might be surprised to know the humble beginnings he came from. As a maker of over 40 years, Johnny has achieved the prestigious position of being a member of the Art Knife Invitational (AKI), has been in The Knifemakers' Guild with some of the most talented makers in American knives, and he's diligently working to pass on his hard acquired knowledge to budding knifemakers who take his classes. I got to sit sit down and flap the gums with him, and it was an exciting opportunity. 

  • Johnny talks about his early years in knives, and his exposure in hunting and trapping.
  • He also talks about his transition from working for AT&T, retirement, and knifemaking full-time.
  • Johnny talks about early gun shows, his experience with a collector that changed his perception of value, and how it springboard him to push his craft.
  • He also talks about shows, setting expectations with customers, and selling knives
  • We talk about having a spouse in your corner to help run the knife business
  • We also talk about Forged in Fire and the meteoric rise of knife attention it's offered
  • Johnny talks about his use of engraving and how he got started in engraving collaboration and embellishments. 
  • He also talks about numbering his blades to 1,000 and regretting not keeping up with it.
  • Johnny talks about getting invited into the AKI, The Knifemakers Guild, we talk knife shows, pricing knives, quality and putting yourself into the knife you make, and so much more!

You can find Johnny's work on Facebook, Instagram, and on his Website. You can also see his class schedule on his website!

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