The Good Ol' Blades Podcast

Episode 28 - Everyone's Favorite Knife Dad - Gary Langley

August 23, 2023 Aaron Lawvere Season 1 Episode 28
The Good Ol' Blades Podcast
Episode 28 - Everyone's Favorite Knife Dad - Gary Langley
Show Notes

It's a pleasure to sit down and talk to people you admire, and who encourage you through things that you are passionate about. I wouldn't be exactly where I'm at if it wasn't for that attention, from a charismatic, patient and thoughtful person like Gary Langley. Gary lives and makes knives in Dumas, Texas, a stones throw away from Oklahoma and New Mexico, and along with making knives, he's also an avid photographer, along with his wife, and a retiree from oil and gas. In addition to making knives off and on for well into 40 years, he's also the Vice President of The Knifemakers' Guild, and is a steward of passing along knowledge to other budding knifemakers. 

  • We talk a little about how much my wife loves Gary and his personality
  • Gary shares a little about early exposure to knives, and what got him into making them
  • Gary talks about his experience in the oil and gas industry, which he retired from after 34 years
  • He also talks about being self-taught in knifemaking, but seeking a lot of knowledge from other makers as well
  • We talk about his photographers eye and how it influences his knife knifemaking
  • We also talk about the last 10% of a knife, and how it contributes to 90% of the self-expression of the maker
  • Gary talks about his process for not having to hand-sand a blade
  • We talk about steel, finish and other knifemaker related material choices
  • Gary shares how he got into photography and some of the amazing things he's seen going wildlife photography
  • We talk about going off the beaten path in life, and in knives, and the story that comes with a handmade knife
  • Gary shares about being nominated as VP of The Knifemakers' Guild
  • We also talk about where the knife industry is going, teaching knifemaking, time management, and so much more!

You can find Gary's work on Instagram, Facebook, and his Website, and his Knifemakers' Guild profile on their site.

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