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Episode 24 - Mythical Man of Mosaic - Steve Schwarzer

July 19, 2023 Aaron Lawvere Season 1 Episode 24
The Good Ol' Blades Podcast
Episode 24 - Mythical Man of Mosaic - Steve Schwarzer
Show Notes

I had the pleasure to talk to renowned ABS Mastersmith, inventor and re-inventor of numerous forging and knifemaking techniques, and all around charismatic guy, Steve Schwarzer. 

  • We talk about knife history, tribal knowledge, and steel technology over time
  • Steve and I talk about the ABS test process, cross-disciplinary knowledge, and functional testing and heat treating
  • Steve talks about his early experiences in mosaic damascus
  • Steve also talks about his initial exposure to blacksmithing and bladesmithing and his relationship with Jimmy Schmidt
  • We also talk about his learning from other makers such as Spencer Aplin, working with Will Stelter, and more
  • Steve talks about his career in martial arts
  • We get to talk a little about Steve's life growing up and moving around the country
  • We then get into a deeper discussion of Steve's work in mosaic and his experimentation
  • We also talk about lowering the learning curve of mosaic damascus through 3D printing, Daniel O'Connor's NuClayer Fusion, and more
  • We talk Steve's resurgence to popularity through social media, Wootz, and some knowledge drop on continuously reinventing yourself.  

You can find Steve on his Instagram, Facebook, Website, and you can also find Steve's video on canister damascus on Chris Crawford's website

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