The Good Ol' Blades Podcast

Episode 19 - Arkansas Living Treasure - Lin Rhea

June 14, 2023 Aaron Lawvere Season 1 Episode 19
The Good Ol' Blades Podcast
Episode 19 - Arkansas Living Treasure - Lin Rhea
Show Notes

I got the opportunity to talk to ABS Mastersmith & Bowie fanatic, Lin Rhea (Ray) about everything from knife philosophy, to Bowie knife history, and a ton more. Lin is a fantastic teacher, mentor, and historical blacksmith, promoting traditional knifemaking and emboldening the knifemaking industry to reach deeper into themselves to produce their art. 

  • We talk Lin's surname, and his Scottish heritage
  • Lin talks about his early beginnings, and his introduction into knives and knife making
  • He talks about taking his first knifemaking class in 2002
  • Lin talks about his love for traditional tools and the art of historic blacksmithing, and the history of the Bowie knife
  • He also talks about the focus of knife projects, a maker being a necessary part of the art, and elevating their work
  • We talk about the butterfly effect of innovation, including resurgence of Damascus/Pattern welded steel
  • We also talk about knife design, layout, proportion, and so on
  • Lin talks about his X-Rhea knife, and the principals of design and material movement that makes the design challenging
  • Lin talks about his and a small group of knife enthusiest and makers effort around bowie history, and James Black knife identification
  • A duck joins the podcast
  • He also talks about the Historic Arkansas Museum's grand reopening of their Knife Gallery
  • We also talk about Lin being awarded the Arkansas Living Treasure award for 2023

You can find Lin online and at shows. His work can be found on his Website, on Instagram, and Facebook.

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